Phat Scooters


Northdale is excited to offer Phat Scooters to rent for your next round at the Club.

Phat Golf creates a golf experience like no other. Join the movement on an easy and fun to ride, all-electric Phat Golf Scooter.

Phat Scooters are not only fun and easy to ride but they increase the pace of play. 

The Northdale staff will give you a quick training before your round, and then it is time for you to experience fairway freedom like never before.

Call the Golf Shop to Reserve your Phat Scooter Now – 813.962.0428

 Graphic promoting Phat Scooter at Northdale for more information call The Golf Shop at 813.962.0428

Photo - Phat Golf Scooters Logo

Photo golfer riding Phat Scooter